Powreing two kits

How to connect your RIAA K 2573 preamp to the power supply of the K8084 PREAMP/TONE CONTROL which uses a double +/- voltage supply.?

I don’t think you can do this.
The K8084 uses AC the K2573 uses DC.
Just wondering why would you connect a preamp to a preamp?

my question was (If I am right…) to connect a two channels preamp K8084 to two K4001 amplifiers and use a common power supply Of course the AC/DC rectification part of the K8084 will not be used
I planne"d to use a K 1823 or similar PS to power both preamp and amps and then use only one transformer .
Of course with two independant PS ( one for preamp and one for the two amp ) the solution is trivial but need two separate power transformers .
The Preamp K8084 uses +V/Ground/-V supply and the K4001 a Ground /+V supply that’s the reason for my question.