Powering a k4001 kit

I have a 7w mono amplifier k4001, the power supply=8-18vdc/0.5A and I also have an old CB power supply=13.8v 3 amps
would it be safe for me to connect my kit “k4001” or am I going to blow it to bits haha any help will be great.

As long as you respect the polarity (+ and -), this is safe. Perhaps you can also mount a fuse of 0.5 amps between the power supply and the kit so that when something goes very wrong, the fuse blows and the amplifier IC of the kit not ends in smoke or fire.

thanks for the reply. now I can get the other bits…

You’re welcome AndreaGele and ian11051953. Enjoy your kit.

yes thanks for that, am having fun with the amp. I went on ebay to buy a kit set that you can make other project. I should had started this hobby years back.

Building things for yourself is just great! It gives you a lot of pleasure when you see it working. But especcially don’t forget to enjoy the building and maybe a little bit of understanding the circuitery…that’s also really interesting!