Power supply broken - where to get a new one?


My power supply is broken after 5 prints. It gave a “bang”, the fuses in the house were swhitched off and the 3D printer stopped working.

I saw on this forum you should contact Velleman in case of a broken power supply , but I get no response.

It seems you cannot order them seperately on the web, or can you?
Or does anyone know a good replacement I can buy on the web.

AC input 110-240V 50/60Hz
DC output 15V 6.67A Max.
Output power 100W Max.

Sorry, we have no trace of previous communication.
Anyway, please return the power supply for inspection/exchange to your distributor or to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

We’ll make sure this issue is handled asap.

Hi schoenmaekers,

just a small addition to VEL417’s post - you are located in Europe, right? Then the Belgian address is the way to go.
The procedure for e.g. North America would be a bit different, since there’s a seperate office over there.


Hello Vellman,

I did sent an email to you (support@velleman.be, subject "K8200 Voeding‏ ") , maybe it arrived in spambox.

I’m living in Gent, about 15km from Velleman :wink:
Is it ok if I just bring it?


Sure, it is OK to come and see us.
We are here every day from 8h30 till 12h15 and from 13h till 17h.
(May 1st and 2nd = holiday).
When you arrive at the front desk, ask for somebody from R&D, we’ll help you out.