Power problems to MB

Hi Velleman!

Printer all built, power was running, as the LD5 and LD6 went out when the power (mains) was connected.
I then trimmed the motor controllers to 0.425V

I then tried connecting to my PC installed the appropriate drivers, but did not the message at the bottom of the Repeiter software to confirm connection.

after investigating, am now getting no power to the MB. I am reading 0V across the motor controllers, and also when i try to measure the voltage across the POS/NEG power inlet i get nothing. I was very careful and am sure i have not shorted anything out, i was wearing Latex Gloves and a very steady hand!
No green LED light on the Power pack either…

Any ideas?

Plugged into main power and connected to PC i still get a red and green LED (LD5 & LD6) on continous, no flashing at all.

You might want to check the power cord going to the power supply.
More then likely it will be ok, but it is best to check it.

I did just try another power cable thanks, still no change. I get no green light on the transformer, and still 2 less on the MB.

Similar problem here, except that I was able to print yesterday and today I could not connect the printer anymore to the PC. After troubleshooting on the USB side and the firmware, I realized that the Power Supply had no green light and measuring the voltage unfortunately confirmed it 0V. I removed the power supply and checked it without no load, no green light no voltage. I also checked and retested it with an other power cord, no success.
The printer is brand new so I guess I have to look into warranty.

If the PSU (power supply unit) is faulty please return it to:

Velleman Repair Service
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Together with a full description of your problem.

We will send you a new PSU asap.

After finding out the details of the controller board, I decided to wire up a Laptop Power Supply. Everythink worked well I kept the printer busy during the night. I printed the cover case and the nozzle. So just the original power supply broke down after the first hours of use. I will bing it back to the dealer (conrad electronics) where I bought the kit last week. It is not urgent, since I still have 51 weeks warranty and my Laptop Power Supply does the job well.
E.g I measured a maximum of about 5A at full action and 15V. For troubleshooting tests as just moving manually one motor a much smaller current is required.

Thanks Liners, good idea, Will look into that.

Also thanks Velleman, I will post back today.