Power cycle error message

Good afternoon,

I have had nothing but problems with my printer but I seemed to be getting to the bottom of them all with your help.

Now I am getting a please power cycle error message as soon as I try to heat the print head. I’ve pulled the print head part and cleaned it several times but to no avail, I still get the same terminal message every time.

Any help you can offer will be gratefully received.
Thank you


Maybe problem with NTC sensor in heaterblock, wires, false contact.

Via the this link , you can download “The printhead assembly manual” to check on failures.

Video instructions and info: 4. Replacing the nozzle (whadda.com)

If everything is correct according to printhead assembly manual, then it can be the problem of printhead PCB. If so you can open a new ticket here on our support page for further support.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support