Power adapter shipped with incompatible cord

In my kit, the power adapter came with two different cords – one for US-style electrical outlets, and one for European-styles electrical outlets. The European cord has two terminals and plugs into the transformer box, not problem. The US cord, however, has three prongs and so can’t plug into the transformer. I have to think that was unintentional? Is there a transformer that takes a 3-print cord? Of a 2-prong US style cord that I can plug into the 2-wire transformer? I do I have to cut and solder (or find a compatible cord on my own)?


From your post it sounds like you are in the USA.
If you got the wrong power cord you should contact the USA office
techsupport at vellemanusa dot com
and explain what’s going on.

Thanks, I didn’t know there was a US office. Sent them an email as you suggested and got a near-immediate reply – new cord on its way! Great to see a company with that kind of customer service these days!

Glad to hear it worked out.

Enjoy your printer.