Post your print

There are not many pictures of items printed with k8400 printer…
Why not start a new “positif” thread only with good print :slight_smile:

Post your latest print here… Get people inspired to print more stuff.

Right now I have nothing to post… the printer is on the way.

Ok I’ll begin with a well known one already used as a test. It was my 2nd print, still with the default settings : red ESUN PLA at 210° and 0.1mm.

First print in ABS with the default settings : black ESUN ABS @ 245° and 0.1mm.

The quality is a bit lower (too much extrusion and a bit too hot).

The dimensions of the pieces are perfect.

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Nice print it’s your first 3d printer ?

No I still have a K8200.

Various tests with Lego:

Skull in glowing filament:

Standard bracelet shot:

Quality of output is sometimes exceptional from this machine. It’s very impressive.

The skull is pretty nice. I was just wondering what brand of filament you use ?

Printed a knife from a game yesterday, I think it turned out pretty nice. Velleman black PLA at 195° and 0,1mm layer height.

[quote=“Tops”]The skull is pretty nice. I was just wondering what brand of filament you use ?[/quote]That’s just standard Velleman PLA.
Guess I should also have included the skull in dark conditions… :wink:

But I’ve also been testing for Polymakr. I can say that their PolyPlus PLA is equal in finish to Velleman’s and seems a bit less brittle as well. It also doesn’t suffer from temperature differences - Velleman’s red PLA is awful in this respect, you can see speed changes during the print as bands of distinct colours. Aaargh! PolyPlus is more expensive, but much better in that respect. The colours are really strong and stable. You can use on the same settings you use for Velleman’s PLA.

The filament I really like from PolyMakr is their ABS replacement: PolyMax. That filament is fantastic - it’s amazingly strong. Lego pieces in PolyMax are almost indistinguishable from the real thing! No PolyMax in the photo below (and above), the red piece is PolyPlus, the blue is Velleman, will try and swap this photo of one showing PolyMax too at some point:

What layer height settings did you print thze lego bricks with?
They look really amazing!

[quote=“ichbinsnur”]What layer height settings did you print thze lego bricks with?[/quote]Just the default 0.1mm.
Here’s another one, this time containing the PolyMax brick in white. The finish on this is really incredible, it’s a beautiful filament.


The PolyMAX lego look amazing… Did you test the PolyFlex filament ?

here is Deadpool Action figure (yes, it is with swords; but i removed them with grid supports away) from Printed 50% (ca. 8cm tall) scaled, layed on the print bed, with grid supports, 0,1mm printing quality, 20% infill, PLA Orange printing in 2 hours 35 minutes. We love our Vertex3d. I ordered second Extruder kit.


[quote=“Tops”]The PolyMAX lego look amazing… Did you test the PolyFlex filament ?[/quote] Not even opened the packet yet ! :slight_smile:

Yes PolyMax is impressive stuff, from the first moment you try and remove the skirt and you think “God, what is this stuff? !” It feels like iron after using brittle Velleman PLA. :wink: I need to do a lot more testing, but from initial impressions I’ll never use ABS again.

That said, the Velleman PLA is great for the price.

I installed second extruder/hotend/nozzle. Works nice…


one small question: i found this thing at I can print this out really nice, but I can’t remove supports. Is there any hint how can I print this with supports? Because designer wrote they use “Up! PLUS 3d Printer” , “UP Plus printer. 0.25mm resolution. Normal speed. Support 2 layers. Support angle 10 degrees”, “Both my 2 prints came out nicely with a layer of loose support, which I just pulled and scrapped out easily”. I tried three times but no chance . Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

try reducing support fill rate or increase it’s X/Y distange to prevent it from bonding with the print

Hello ichbinsnur;
yes I did three different prints with different values for Support fill rate or increasing X/Y distance but support glued really hard to the object surface, I also tried support “grid” vs “Lines” Option. No Chance…


What values did you set?
I currently use 1mm X/Y and 0.2mm z distance for ABS on my k8200 with E3D v6.

Did you print it in one run?
If so, try to split the model and print the parts separately.
I guess the “support” glued all pieces together ?