Polyflex print sample wanted

Hey guys, i was working on a project for work and we came upon a part that we need to twist as a prototype. I was looking into the poly flex type material. Before i go and buy a spool of the polyflex, i was hoping that someone could try printing this part for me and video tape its torsion-ability for me or if you live in North America, maybe you could ship me the part (of course i’d pay for the shipping). I would like this part to be able to rotate along its longitudinal axis at least 2 rotations.

Both ends would have an overhang, so if you need to cut one end off for a sample print, no big deal.

Please let me know if you are willing to do this, or what your thoughts are of whether the material will work. Another option would be to use a material that will deform permanently, and i could print many of them and replace the part for each demonstration. Any thoughts on a material such as this?

Thank you,