When I was with PET filament print, everything goes well.

Once I’m printing with PLA I get half the work print.

PLA my settings:
Flow: 75%
Print Temperature: 190

Print Extrusion:
Retraction speed 110
retraction 4

When the printer finishes PLA I can push through the PLA itself approximately 5 cm to the nozzle.

It seems that the filament is not implemented.

What I’ve tried myself:
I have exctruder checked or not puller was loose and I checked if the screws were fixed in the extruder.
I also tried several types of PLA, but nothing comes through, only PET goes well.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Try to increase the flow…
I am using 100% flow, but with the adjusted firmware from here: … Mod_extrud

good luck

If you’re using PLA after PET , chances are that a thin coat of PET stays in the nozzle reducing it’s diameter. As the PLA temperatures are lower the remaining coat of PET can’t fuse.