I see that my VM134 programmer - great product!!!, is unable to program the PIC18F452, can I write a patch, does it use source definitions or is it all in the compiled program. If this is the case, is it possible for me to get access to your source files *** I assume that the program was written in basic, C++ or DELPI*** so that I can make the necessary adjustments, so that my programmer can interface with the 18F452 chip? If so, I’m willing to send you the upgrades so that you can use it as well.
I’m in a bit of a hurry concerning the matter, as I have an important project that needs completion. I could change processors, but I’d prefer not to as everything was designed with the 452 in mind, and I’ve already bought allot of chips :blush:

Ok, no, seems that changing chips is not an option, or can any one advise me on an electronics supplier in Pretoria, South Africa whom actually stocks any of the supported chips???

Sorry, should have read through more of the other topics :blush:
Bert, you’re a genius!
WinPic works!!!