This is a wake up call to Velleman.
Why buy kits based on a PIC that we can’t change?!
I think I speak for all the people here, that like to learn and explore.
Release the code, let us change and PLAY!!!

Most of Velleman’s PIC based kits are designed to provide specific functions, and are not intended to be PIC training/development platforms, or jumping off points for microcode experimentation.

There’s plenty of that stuff available out there, so I don’t really understand your issues with Velleman?

Correct Cliffyk.

I wish we could supply the source, however, if we would do so, we would be out of business soon.
The market would be swamped in no time with cheap oriental ‘similar products’.
Numerous kits have been copied. Only the ones with a microcontroller cannot be copied (in an easy way).