PIC 16F877A Error programming

I’ve a problem with the programmer(K8076) (PicProg 2006).
It’s a bit strange:
The first time i used a USB-serial cable for a test program and everything worked.
A week later i had to update the program but, after the program writing ,it shows pop up the message “Error writing to Pic”,i find this forum and i read the problem with the usb converter so i bought a new cable (only serial (RS232)).
With the new cable i had another problem,before programming i had the message: “The settings don’t match the Pic in the programmer.Do you want to continue?” that i solved increasing the hardware delay.
Now (hardware delay >0) it starts to program but the error message still appears.
Pin values during programmation:
Vpp=12.61V (Brown wire)
Vcc=4.64V (Red wire)

hope you’ll can help me :slight_smile:

Ps:Sorry for my english,I hope you understand what I wrote, because I don’t speak English very well