Pic 16f630 stopped working

I bought two of your product k 8056 and K8076. After reading the pic 16f630 with prgramator, pic 16f630 stopped working. What to do to, purchase a new or re-programming pic 16f630. Thank you.

Most likely, you have erased the pic.
As the firmware is copyrighted, we cannot supply it.
You can return the pic for reprogramming to:
Velleman Projects
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

I already knew, there is no warning instructions.

So you already knew that it was entirely your fault to erase the chip.

Then what are you complaining about? That nobody told you that you may lose data if you erase your chip?


Your distributor contacted us regarding this issue.
Please note that our offer to reprogram your PIC only goes for the PIC of the K8056 kit you have bought.
In no way we can program a batch of empty PICs, so please, if you decide to return the PIC, please return only one item.