Peak Voltage rating of the HPS140 scope

The peak voltage rating for an HPS140 is 100 Volts Peak.

House voltage in North America is 120 Volts RMS or 170 Volts Peak (340 Volts Peak to Peak).

I well know I cannot plug my HPS140 (or any of my bench scopes) directly to the house mains.

If I use the supplied probe in x10 position (so that voltage is reduced to 35 volts peak to peak at the HPS140 input), is this safe to do? That is, I won’t damage the HPS140?

I tend to use a x100 Probe on my bench scopes to work with anything greater than 50 Volts RMS.

Thank you.

if your probe is set as x10 than it should not be a problem

Best Regards en Be Safe!

Thank you for the help.

Be Safe! <-- I am old enough to know better and still here! I will take care.