PCVelleman SGU250 oscilloscope - infinite persistence problem

I have this weird Infinite Persistence problem on my pcsgu250, and i remember it used to work fine.

When i have the Persistence button on (and Infinite Persistence set on), the screen gets periodically cleaned like every second and starts from the scratch, so i can’t really get a steady persistent display.

Is there something i have overlooked?

Strange problem indeed.
You may try if (re)installing the latest PCLAB2000LT software may help:
PCSGU250 software package

I found out it happens only when the waveform parameters window is displayed and the Show on Screen is tacked on.

Most likely a bug then that keeps refreshing the screen.

Yes, the screen is refreshed to show new waveform parameters on the screen.
I’m sorry that the persistence option is not working in this mode.
Thank you for the feedback.