PCSU200 SetGen(0) Not Working

Trying to create our own program for controlling the Velleman PCSU200.
We need however fast frequency changes, what is not possible in the software downloaded from Velleman.eu.
Changing frequencies ‘starts’ the generator again, leading to a small drop to 0V. This can be explained because the function SetGen is used at the moment, but SetGen(0,x,x) does not work in the .dll and the software provided on the website (velleman.eu/support/download … u200&type=). Ofcourse, the generator is started with StartGen and SetGen(ModeWeNeed,x,x).

With help of this forum (specially: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8248) and using the software mentioned in that topic, but not made for this function generator, we can see the SetGen(0,x,x) mode does what we want it to do, change frequency without dropping to 0, however the bandwith is limited to 5KHz and the software is not written for this function generator so it is not possible to change the amplitude of the signal.

Request: improved .dll for controlling the PCSU200 with SetGen(0,x,x) working, and SetGen(0,x,x) working with frequencies > 5KHz

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The SetGen(0,x,x) issue is located and will be solved.
Also the change frequency without dropping to 0 and working with frequencies > 5KHz will be fixed.
Update estimated to be ready in 1-2 days.

Now all the software modifications are done.
Here is the link to download the updated software package:

There is an updated PcLab200.exe together with the original PCSU200.DLL and its source code.
In the subfolder ‘Demo’ there is working demo program with source written in Delphi.
In the demo there is now added button “Previous Function Fast Setup” to test the SetGen(0,x,x) function.
For initial settings use “Sine”, “Triangle” or “Square” buttons.
Make then some change to the settings and then press the “Previous Function Fast Setup” button for fast update.