PCSU200 How to record and display a single event

Hello, I am very new to this so please pardon my very basic question.
I want to record (either DSO data or an image) a single voltage pulse event (with several peaks) of approximately 30msec duration. The leading edge of the voltage pulse could be the trigger. I would like to have at least 300 data points in the event.
Question 1- after recording 4096 data points, doesn’t over-writing of the data occur?
Question 2- how do I set the Oscilloscope controls to display the event so that it stays on the screen?
Question 3- how do I set the Oscope controls to record the event, and stop the recording before over-writing occurs?
Question 4- Where is the best place to look to find information to learn how to do this myself?
Thank you very much,

I have made some progress. By playing with the trigger level and the time/division, the trace seems to be triggering properly and is not being over-written. Now working on improving the response time of the sensor output to the PCSU200 input.

Any guidance would be appreciated.