PCSU1000 write to disk problem

We are using the PC scopes in a college physics lab where students do not have administrative rights for the lab computers. Therefore, they can not save a file on the C: drive, only their own flash drive. When they attempt to open the software, they get an error message stating a failure to write error. Is their a way to eliminate this need to write or to substitute a flash drive for the C: drive path?

Maybe the problem occurs when the PCSU1000 program is opening the WinDSO.ini file. This file contains the oscilloscope settings and the calibration values.

I made a test: I created a Standard user account in Windows 7, and logged to this account.
Then I run the PCSU1000 from the PcLab2000SE user interface.
There were no problems to use the oscilloscope program.

I think you have more restrictions for the users than the “Standard user” has in Windows 7.