PCSU1000 & PCLAB2000 Sample rate


I’ve a question for you about the PCSU1000 & PCLAB2000 sample rate.

The PCSU1000 declared sample rate is 50MSample/sec.
The ADC esed by the PCSU1000 are 8 bit converters (ADC081000). Than at the maximum speed the PCSU1000 generate date at 50Mbyte/sec.

The PCSU1000 uses a TF245BM USB adapter to send the data by USB.
The FT245BM has a trasfer rate of “only” 1MByte/sec.

How is the PCSU1000 able to send 50Myte data to the PC using a USB adapter able of “only” 1MByte/sec" ?


Very simple : the samples are not sent to the PC in real time.
4K/channel of internal memory is filled at a max of 50Ms/s
Next, when this memory is full, it is transferred to the PC at much lower speed…