PCSU1000 installation on windows 7

Hello, I was running my PCSU1000 under windows XP with no problem. My new computer is 64bit Windows 7 and the PCSU1000 CD does not load. I have downloaded the installation file from your website and that installed ok, but the USB driver has not installed. In device manager it shows PCSU1000 and under srivers it says “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)”. I tried downloading the driver from your website, but when I use device manager to update the driver (\PCSU1000_driver_2.04.16\i386), it says windows could not find the driver for your device. Please let me know how to sort this out. Many thanks, Trevor Taylor

When installing the driver just browse to the driver folder (where the ftdibus.inf is located) - not to the subfolder \i386.

Many thanks - it is now working. Regards and Happy New Year. Trevor Taylor