PCSU1000 History doesn't remember V and T scale

Hi to all!

I’ve found, that history remembers wavefrom, but doesn’t remember voltage and time resolution (for each snapshot). So when I switch resolutions while recording I get wrong scale in history snapshots.

In the Help file there is written:
Note:[color=darkblue] Do not change the scope settings (Time/div, Volts/div or the vertical position) when doing any measurements. [/color]
Note: [color=darkblue]The scope settings are not stored to the history data.[/color]

One other oscilloscope manufacturer has solved the problem this way:
This quote is from User’s Manual.

I think better to keep the data to display it than clear the history every time the settings are changed.
Maybe to the future software version will be put an option to either clear the history data when settings are changed or keep it “as is”.
Also a “Clear History” button may be added…
Indeed, it should be nice if the scope settings can be saved to the history too…

When I measure a signal and try to scroll timeline it changes. Is it a bug? :x One img: scrolled by 1 mouse scroll

No, it is not a bug. When scrolled, the different samples of the total 4096 samples captured is displayed. If you “zoom” to maximum (changing the time/div settings after the image is captured) then this effect is minimized.