PCSU1000. error message

Good day,

System: Windows 7.
I have a PCSU1000 to perform RSO (rotor surge oscillography) on the rotor.
As soon as I start the program PC LAB 2000SE, on my laptop and press OK, I have the following error message.
“Could not open the driver LINX driver. Please run install DRV.EXE to install the driver. Function generator PCG10/K8016 in not functionning.”
I have tried many operations but still the message appears. Can you please help me?

The DriverLINX driver is not needed for the PCSU1000.
Here is a workaround:
You can avoid the message by selecting PCSU1000 and PCGU1000 on the startup screen of the PcLab2000SE.

Thank you for the reply. I’m going to try tomorrow and come back to you.