PCSU1000 and my last project conflict

Hi I have problem with my PCSU1000. It is connected to the PC all the time but my last project includes FTDI245BM onboard so in process of developing probably I had erased the eprom atached to FTDI245BL in my PCSU. Now it does not work. I tried to connect it to another PC and then I saw what driver was installed. So I read the content of eprom by MProg3.0 :
… … `. … … … … …
… … … .F .T .D .I …
.U .S .B … .S .e .r .i
.a .l … .C .o .n .v .e
.r .t .e .r … .F .T .D
.W .H .5 .5 .7 … … …
… … … … … … … …
… … … … … … … …
Next I wrote 10cf as VID and 1000 as PID and I managed to install the driver for PCSU on the PC but when start Pc_Lab2000 there is error message: Open USB device by serial number - Device not found. I do not know what is the serial number of my PCSU - on the back is written 200701285 but in filed for SN in MProg should be eihgt digit number and when I try to write SN at the end of programming I get message that SN is disabled. Could you help me with my SN and how should I write it.

The serial number is YEL952TL.
Here is the content of the setup file (.ept file) for the PCSU1000.

[Basic Details] Device Type=4 VID PID Type=2 USB VID=10cf USB PID=1000 [USB Power Options] Bus Powered=1 Self Powered=0 Max Bus Power=490 [USB Serial Number Control] Prefix= Use Fixed Serial Number=1 Fixed Serial Number=YEL952TL [USB Remote WakeUp] Enable Remote WakeUp=0 [Windows Plug and Play] Enable Plug and Play=1 [USB String Descriptors] Manufacturer=Velleman Product=PCSU1000 [Programming Options] Only Program Blank Devices=0 [BM Device Specific Options] USB Version Number=1 Disable Serial Number=0 IO Pin Pull Down in Suspend=0 Enable Isoch IN Transfers=0 Enable Isoch OUT Transfers=0

Copy and paste this text to some .ept file and open it to MProg. Erase and re-program the EEPROM. You’ll get all the factory settings restored and your PCSU1000 should be OK again.

Thank you very much for your help - my PCSU1000 is running again!
Thank you!