PCSU 1000 Voltage limits

I would like to get some clarification of the voltage limits on the PCSU1000.

I saw a forum post that said that 600 v could be applied to a 10x probe without damage to the unit.

I take this to mean that the unit will not be damaged, nor will the PC connected to it. The PC should, in fact, not see anything other than normal USB levels. This would not guarantee a correct display.

I understand the concern that the PC chassis will be at ground relative to any voltage being measured. This does not concern me. I know how to safely use test equipment. I just want to verify that the specified 30v limit can be exceeded without damaging the unit. Since 600v was noted with a 10x probe, I would assume that a voltage greater than 60v to the input of the unit itself COULD damage it.



The 30V limit is for safety reasons only.
There in the 10x probe is 10Mega ohm series resistor. This resistor together with the internal overvoltage protection circuit of the PCSU1000 protects very well the instrument.
You have read the thread: forum.velleman.be/viewtopic.php? … 36bfda622e