PCSGU250 Windows10 driver

Hi Everybody,

last days I bought a new PCSGU250. At old WinXP-System it works fine, but at my Win10-Computer the Driver Installation gets fail. Is there a new Driver for Win10 available?
Thanks very much.

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You can use the driver: “Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Can also be used for Windows XP)” from:
velleman.eu/support/downloa … e=PCSGU250

Before installing the driver, you have to disable the driver signature enforcement.
Here you’ll find the instructions how to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10:


disable the driver signature was the solution. Now it works.

Thank you very much.

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Hmm, I have the same problem. I find it somewhat disturbing that you would have to circumvent safety measures to have the software run on modern operating systems. I would kindly suggest updating the drivers so that they are, in fact, compatible. A driver certificate can’t be a complicated thing to apply?

I am inclined to not hack my OS to make this work, and in such case I will end up not using the oscilloscope at all, but rather look for something else.