PCSGU250 software customization

Hi, I was wondering if the source code for the PCSGU250 software (PCLab2000LT) is or could be made available. I am taking a class that requires use of this scope, but the software lacks some very useful features. For example, you can add or subtract channels, but not multiply them - and you cannot view a math function and a raw channel at the same time. I was hopeful that I could add this functionality myself with the dll that’s available, but that’s only for adding things external to the main executable. These additions should be relatively trivial, so I don’t want to end up making the entire program (which works well as it is) over again…
Maybe if the source isn’t officially available, an exception could be made if it’s licensed on a “research” basis to my academic institution (which should be a valued customer for buying a lot of these scopes)?

Any suggestions or confirmations of futility appreciated…

It’s nice that you like the PCSGU250.
Indeed, the PCSGU250 is a nice multifunction instrument and it’s ideal for educational purposes too.
Thank you for the suggestions to improve the software.

I’m sorry, but the source code is not available.

I would suggest the following approach:

  • Please specify all the modifications you like to have to the software.
  • The software will be modified according to your specifications (if ever possible).
  • You’ll get a link to download the modified version of the software for testing.

When complete, the modifications will be put to the next release of the PCLab2000LT.

Thank you for this suggestion to improve the PCLab2000LT software:

Now the software is modified.
Changes since version 1.06 include:

  • Waveform data file can be saved and opened in Logic Analyzer mode.
  • Spectrum analyzer data file can be saved in Maximum mode as displayed on the screen.
  • Added option to clear the old traces automatically when the Run or Single button is pressed.
  • Added button to clear the last trace in the multiple trace mode of the Bode Plotter.
  • Added math functions CH1*CH2 and CH1/CH2.
  • The traces of CH1 and CH2 can be displayed together with the math waveform.

You can download a pre-release for testing at: box.net/shared/opdkibn6zh

Here some Math mode screenshots:

CH1 + CH2

CH1 - CH2

CH1 * CH2

CH1 * CH2

CH1 / CH2

BTW: The History view is very useful when studying different math mode effects to the captured waveforms.

Thank You! This looks great - I think it’s all I want and more but I’ll test it out and provide feedback if necessary.