PCSGU250 instabilities software

Hi all,

I have a PCSGU250 and I use the PcLab2000LT (v1.09) software.

My PC is on 64-bit with windows 7.

I see several instabilities:

  • AutoSet does not work
  • To draw a Bode diagram, I have to restart several times for the total curves because it stops after a few values

Thank you for your answers.

Have you downloaded and installed the driver for Windows 7.
You can check the driver version in the Device manager:
The driver version should be
If not, you have to download the driver.
Here is the link to download page:
velleman.eu/distributor/supp … U250&type=

Here you can download the detailed step-by-step instructions to install the driver: box.com/s/vh9olqyx3idhhxn8ujwm

Here are instructions how to update an existing driver if you do not remove it first:


The difficulty was just to get around the plug-and-play in the device manager.