PCSGU250 driver will not install

I bought the PCSGU250, took it out of the box this morning (Oct19, 2012) and have now spent about 1 hour trying to get it to work. Here are my steps and results:

  1. I installed the software as mentioned in the small handbook that comes with the product
  2. I chose a folder of c:\Program Files (x86)\Oscope instead of the default
  3. I plugged in the scope USB cable and when Windows7 said it was searching for automatic update of driver I cancelled and pointed it at the install directory. The install of the driver seemed to go through fine.
  4. I clicked on the PCLab2000LT icon and it brought up the scope menu and said ‘Calibrating’.
  5. The power LED on the unit never came on and the calibrating just sat there with no updates - it was frozen

I have tried downloading the latest driver for the PCSGU250 from your website but when i try installing the driver Windows7 keeps on giving me the ‘Installing Driver Software’ menu. Its been running now for about 30 minutes with no result.


Try downloading and installing the latest software and driver from the link below.


You will need to remove the old driver and software first.

Well, I rebooted the PC and when it came up it started the install of the driver again and this time it went through and its all working fine now.