PCSGU250 does not respond

My PCSGU250 does not respond when I’m inserting the USB cable in my computer. I have a new computer and I have installed the program that came along with my device, but I can only run it i Demo mode. It all worked well in my old computer. I have tried to click Options -> Hardware Setup -> PCSGU250. The program tells me that there is “No hardware response!”, and suggests that I should disconnect and reconnect my USB-cable. I have tried that many times now, but it does not work. What can I do to solve this problem?

The original software does not install the USB driver for the PCSGU250 automatically on 64 bit operating systems.
Maybe the USB driver is not properly installed.
Please download and install this latest software version 1.14:
PCSGU250 software package

Thank you so much! You saved my day! The latest software version was the cure.

I’m glad the issue is resolved!