PCSG250 function generator: output voltage too high

I find that the output voltage of the function generator as measured by a digital voltmeter or an oscilloscope is substantially higher than that indicted in the PC display.

For example, with a pure 165Hz sinewave output and display indicated voltage = 2.86 volt rms and 8.09 volts p-p, and offset = 0.00 volts, the actual measured voltage as determined by my scope and digital voltmeter is 3.33 volts rms.

Your comments on this large error will be appreciated.

Please download and install the latest software to fix the problem.
The software is available here: velleman.eu/support/download … u250&type=
Also the latest drivers are there.

Many thanks for that quick reply.

I believed that I had already downloaded the latest software, namely v.1.12.

So, in order to be sure that I was doing it correctly I went to a more expert colleague.

He downloaded it again from the web page that you have referenced in your reply.

It appeared to give us version 1.12 again.

BUT, when that software is run it shows that we are running version 1.01.

Thus, we believe that the software has been given a new number (v.1.12) but it contains the old software (v.1.01).

My colleague has prepared a document to show in detail what we found.
I will send that to you if you would send me your e-mail address.

Your comments will be appreciated.

The downloads package contains the right PcLab2000LT version 1.12.
You can do following:
Uninstall the PCLab2000LT v1.01.
Then delete all the files in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Velleman\PcLab2000LT
Then install the downloaded software version 1.12.

Many thanks for that reply. Your suggestion worked and the function generator is now working well. Thanks again.