PCS100 & Windows 7 64 bit

I purchased a PCS100 oscilloscope and have it connected to my Windows 7 desktop computer via DB25. I downloaded my software from velleman.eu/downloads/files/ … _setup.zip and have followed all of the installation instructions and tips in the PC Lab 2000 SE readme file. No matter what I have done, I always get the same error when launching PCS100 from PC Lab 2000:

Could not open the DriverLINX driver.
Please run INSTALL_DRV.EXE to install the driver.

Fixes I have tried already per the readme file include:
-Disabling plug and play setting on my LPT port.
-Disabling plug and play via PC Lab 2000 SE check box.
-Running INSTALL_DRV.EXE as administrator and restarting PC.
-Running PC Lab 2000 SE as administrator.
-I have checked to make sure DLPORTIO.DLL and DLPORTIO.SYS files are located in the same directory as PC Lab 2000 SE.

Are there any other fixes I should try? Thanks for you help.

I’m sorry to inform that the DriverLINX driver the PCS100 is using is not compatible with 64 bit operating systems.
There is no DriverLINX driver available for a 64 bit system.
The reason to the problem is that the DriverLINX driver is not digitally signed.

Here you’ll see more information about the problem:
forum.keithley.com/phpBB3/viewto … f=50&t=106