PCS10/K8047 and bipolar signals

My signals are slow moving but bipolar, therefore I would like to offset the input(s), of PCS10/K4087, by half the used voltage range.
What do You suggest be the simplest way to achive that?
I can live with the supplied software not being compensated.

regards /ripan

PS A future enhancement upgrade maybe. PCS10/KA8047 being able to handle bipolar signals. For me that would be obvious :slight_smile: DS

One possible solution is to use two resistors and an external voltage source to bias the input of the PCS10.

Alternatively, if your signal source is floating, you may add a DC voltage source between the GND of the PCS10 and the floating β€œGND” of your signal source.

Ok, Thanks! I will have to use a variable voltage source inplace of the battery for differrnt ranges of the PCS10. Thats doable.