PCS10 for measuring current power

Hope you will anderstand my english.

I now have a pcs10 and would like to use it as a logger for current (Amp) on the main fuse in the electrical power-system. Its called energy analysis and is very expensive for a pore sucker like me. (3000 $ )
This tool help me to analyse if a company/private, pay for a to hight main fuse, or if the system not are in balance between the three fases L1 L2 L3.
I will use three amp clamps, one for each fase. They send a mVolt signal. 1mV = 1A
Do I have to power up the signal to 10mV/A if I have the need of measuring down to 5A? is my first Q

Next is even more important.
The ones that costs 3000$ is portable without a computer in the field.
When you are finnish whith the logger you simply take it back home and connect it to the computer.
And you can start analyse youre logger whith the software.

Is this possible whith youre pcs10 if I use a flashmemory or harddrive using USB???
Of course it have to bee a bit intelligent this unit, but I know its possible, the Q is how and if so whith youre PCS10.
The unit also need power via USB (5V) (another detail.)
I have seen a datacopybox that copy data from one USB flash to another on the field, could that bee something?
Please help me whith this problem and I will be very greateful.

all regards


The PCS10 can’t work as a stand alone data collecting device. A PC is needed.

To measure the AC you have to amplify and rectify the signal. The PCS10 can record only DC signals.