PCS10 and humidity measures

I have an old PCS10 that I have been using for many years. Realize that if I manage to connect this to a humidity and temperature probe I can log the values from the attic of my house. Anyone that has done this earlier?
Found one possible measurment part like this:
Velleman VMA311 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor

Will this work, or anyone have a better sugestion.
Tor in Sweden

Hello @uabtorw ,

It’s not possible to connect VMA311 (DHT11) sensor to the PCS10 directly.
Because this sensor has his own single wire protocol for transferring the data.
This protocol requires precise timing. Via the DHT11 library and an Arduino controller board you can readout the sensor on a simply way.

To log the sensor(s) in your home, you can use an ESP32: WPB109 or ESP2666: WPB107 board
and add this to Home assistent via ESPHOME.

Like this: Cheap DIY Temperature & Humidity Sensor that works with ESPHome & Home Assistant - YouTube

or HomeAssistant Temperature & Humidity Sensor with ESPHome :: TheOrangeOne

Best Regards,
Velleman Support