PCS 500 PC Oscilloscope and Windows 7 32bits

Hello !

My question is in the title: Please, will this oscilloscope work with Windows Seven 32 bits ?
I project to buy an used one if it is compatible.

Thanks !


The PCS500 does not work with 64-bit operating systems.

  • Should work with 32 bit systems but not tested with Windows 7.

Also the PCS500 does not work with a USB to LPT adapter.
There must be a printer port in the PC.

Thank you for the answer. I will try and i will let you know the result.
If it doesn’t work with Seven 32 bits, i’ll use the PCS500 with an other old pc wich run with Windows XP 32bits.
OK about the printer port.

Have a good day. Thanks again.

PCS500 needs a true parallel port or at least a PCI/PCIexpress card. Some ExpressCard adapters work (i.e. the PCIexpress based ones), but some not (i.e. the USB based).

With a small patch and a debugger application that catches the Privileged Exception faults, PCS500.exe can run and access the parallel port under Win64 too. The performance seems to be acceptable.
www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~heha/vi … 13/Release
[li] Downlaod InpOut32.dll to the PCS500 directory[/li]
[li] Rename it to DlPortIo.dll, overwriting the old one[/li]
[li] Create shell link “inpout32 dlportio,CatchIo pcs500”[/li]
[li] Execute it with administrative privilege[/li]
[li] Enjoy. You may delete dlportio.sys as it’s useless on 64bit[/li][/ul]

Redirecting to a USB adapter (of any kind, but not the USB-ParallelPrinter converters) needs deeper debugging and patching as a bunch of routines (not only one) is coded in native assembly and must be transferred somehow to the USB microcontroller firmware to get speed. IMHO it’s better to rewrite the entire application in this case, to have a clear conception and a source for Linux.


thanks for everything…

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