PCS 10 USB driver problem

At first the good news: I have successfully used many PCS 10´s with pclab2000 since years on different computers without any problems. Installation was never an issue.

But now, on our brand new win XP laboratory desktop computer, the USB installation fails to work. The .drv - file seems to install the driver without any warning messages. After pluffing the Unit, the windows bubble appeared and told me that the new hardware was installed successfully and could now be used.
After starting PClab 2000 for the first time, there came up another bubble from this annoying bottom-right corner of the screen to tell me that the connected hardware is not supported. The “USB” check box in PClab stays grey.

I then tried to do it in the old-fashioned way by searching for a driver with the windows hardware manager. Finally found it and installed it although “there is no more actual version than the currently installed…blabla”.

Problem stays.

Ah, there is one more point: After the three flashings of the red LED after connecting, the red LED is constantly on.

Maybe a hardware defect?



When the LED stays on it indicates that the USB communication is not working properly. Does this happen every time and what happens if you connect the USB cable to other USB socket of the PC?

Normally the Windows installs its own driver.

What is this .drv file?

To check the possible hardware failure you may check the PCS10 with another PC if possible.