PCS 10 Logger/Recorder Driver for Visual Studio.NET


I need driver (K8047D.dll, FastTime32.dll and K8047E.dll) for using this in Visual Basic.NET. I can’t this files imcluding in Visual Studio.NET. Problem is the Assemblies. In Visual Studio v6 it’s not a problem. How I can use my application development in Visual Basic.NET?

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You have to copy the three files to the Windows’ System32 folder.
If you are using 64 bit operating system, copy the files to Windows’ SysWOW64 folder.

Or place the files to the project’s subfolder \bin.

Here are the function declarations for VB .NET:

Private Declare Sub StartDevice Lib “k8047d.dll” ()
Private Declare Sub StopDevice Lib “k8047d.dll” ()

Private Declare Sub ReadData Lib "k8047d.dll" (ByRef Array_Pointer As Integer)

Private Declare Sub SetGain Lib "k8047d.dll" (ByVal Channel_no As Integer, ByVal gain As Integer)
Private Declare Sub LEDon Lib "k8047d.dll" ()
Private Declare Sub LEDoff Lib "k8047d.dll" ()[/code]

Please note the VB6 “As Long” has changed to “As Integer” in VB .NET declarations.