PcLab200SE: New Year and an Error: "Error in opening Created Key"

Starting PcLab presents a new Error:

Environment: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.685]
Pclab and drivers are installed from the most recent sources of Velleman.

USB-View tells device is properly connected.

The message is permanent, each time PcLab is started the message is issued.

After the first occurences it was not possibke to start the oscilloscope application successfully. No oscilloscope detected was the message and the advice to pull and reconnect the USB plug. Without success.

But suddenly after some trials the connection to the scope was found and the application worked fine (at least for the current Windows session, I haven’t done a reboot up to now). It was possible to stop the PcLab-Application and launch it again several times. But the message is permanent and appears at each launch.

You can try the following solution:
Right click on the PcLab2000SE shortcut.
Click ‘Run as administrator’.

Thanks: Starting once PcLab via the Icon as Administrator solved the issue. The message did no longer occur. It is now possible to start PcLab with regular permissions as in the past.

Thank you for the reply.
Strange why needed to start only once as Administrator…
Anyhow, the problem seems to be solved.