PCLab Installation


I just bought a PCSU1000 but can’t install the PCLAB2000SE software, when I launch Setup.exe, nothing happens.
I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 and tried it on 3 different PCs with no success.

Fortunately, there is an “extracted version” of PCLAB on the installation CD. I simply copied that folder to my hard drive and it works.

But now I would like to update to the latest PCLAB revision (3.08).
How can I do this? Setup.exe doesn’t launch and there is no “extracted version” for 3.08…

Thanks in advance,


The setup software will be updated in the near future.

Before that you get the latest (evaluation) version of the PCSU1000 program from:
vel255.diinoweb.com/files/PCSU10 … alyzer.zip

Extract the files to the folder where you copied the files from the CD (C:\Program Files\Velleman\PC-Lab2000SE).

In the following thread you’ll find some details how to use the new “Logic Analyzer” function of the scope: Compress values

Thanks a lot I’ll try it this evening.

What do you mean by “evaluation version” ? It doesn’t include all features? Or it is beta version?

OK- better to say it is “beta test version”. There are more features than in the “official” v3.08.

Ok I’ve tested it, it working great.

The logic analyzer is definitly a great feature, it’ll be very usefull for my projects :smiley: