PCI express card for K8076/VM134 programming?

I have used a PCI serial interface card in my desktop computer to program PIC microchips with the K8076/VM134. Although theoretically compatible with a 16550 UART, only the third interface card that I bought was really working.
But I had to buy a new desktop, because the main board of the old one did get faulty.

No problem, except that there are no PCI slots anymore, only PCI express slots (x1) in the new one (and several other inconviniences :unamused: , but that is good for another story). It seems that there is a microcard slot available too, but I haven’t found it yet…

Do you have any idea which PCIe serial interface card is really working with the K8076/VM134 and where it is available in the Benelux in shops or worldwide in e-shops?

I did find a PCIe(x1) card which works for the K8076/VM134! From the same brand which had a serial card which worked for the older PCI configuration:
Sweex 2 port Serial PCI Express card
They are not manufactured anymore by Sweex, but it is still available from stocks in different (web)shops at around 35 euro.