PCGU1000 USB Connection Fault


I’m running Windows 7 OS, with Service Pack 1. It appears that my PC only communicates with the generator when I don’t open the oscillator with it.

The screen capture I’ve uploaded will show the:

driver version of the hardware
various scenarios that generate the connection error
COM 9 (manually assigned to troubleshoot - originally 3)

Also, I believe I can use my own software with the unit, once I get it to communicate with the PC. Can you please help me do that?

Thank you.

NOTE: I had the device working yesterday, with the light on the unit working. However, it stopped.

On your video you try to start the PCSU1000 oscilloscope and the PCGU1000 generator together. The error message you got, indicates that there is no PCSU1000 oscilloscope connected to the PC, or there is some other problem with the oscilloscope.
Does the PCGU1000 function generator start normally if you start it only?

Does it help if you close the program, disconnect and reconnect the PCGU1000 cables and then restart the program?

Thank you for your help!! On a side note, you didn’t see all my video, possibly, because I started the generator alone too… but no worries.

Your question made me realize a crucial error - a simple one. It’s “working” now for two reasons - working in quotes because I still need to see more of PCGU1000 is doing, with more options. More on that later.

First, I purchased a new USB cable and it’s connecting with that - no errors now.
Second, you mentioned that I tried to start a device that I don’t own - the PCSU1000.

So this brings up my follow up question. I need a digital oscilloscope with controls and readout - this is why I thought I need to click on the other button. What options do I have? I know the generator can do more than the ‘small box’ reveals. In other words, when I start the PCGU1000, it says I can run it in demo mode, and this brings up the oscilliscope, not the function generator. This tells me that I should be able to use the oscilloscope gui. In fact, when I click OK with only the PCGU1000 button clicked, it briefly brings up the oscilliscope for a second and then it goes away before the small generator window opens (to stay).

Also, to a separate question, can I use a software that will give me an oscilloscope readout with more controls? Thank you.

Thank you for the reply.
I’m glad your PCGU1000 is working now.
Yes, I noticed that you started the PCGU1000 alone too.
At the moment this is the only option to start the PCGU1000 without having the PCSU1000 oscilloscope hardware.

This is OK. If there is no oscilloscope connected the oscilloscope screen disappears and only the user interface of the PCGU1000 is displayed.

Two days ago while searching this forum, I saw where it’s possible to run your own software. This was posted by a support person for Velleman, and it had a page that pointed to instructions and possibly a download link for some kind of update.

Any chance this is true, or did I see something that only applies to another device you sell?

It is possible to write your own software for the PCGU1000.
For more info please download this package:
Development kit

In this very old post there seems to be such a program: Wavetek 288 inspired control panel for PCGU1000