PCGU1000 sync output - is different duty ratio possible?

Dear support team,

I’m considering to use a PCGU1000 in a project, which requires:
[li]generating a sine wave with arbitrary phase to the sync pulse[/li]
[li]output of a TTL sync pulse with a small (<5%) duty ratio.[/li][/ul]

The first point can be solved like in thread “Instruments » PC Generators » Configurable phase shift for the two outputs of PCGU1000?”, but is it possible to achieve a low duty ratio, maybe by modifying the firmware?

I had the idea this could be possible after reading the thread “Instruments » PC Generators » PCGU1000 limits”, where inverting the sync pulse logic was accomplished by a firmware change.

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Here is the link to download slightly modified firmware files for the PCGU1000:

Please extract the package and replace the files pcgu1000.bit and pcgu1001.bit in the PCLab2000SE installation folder.
Default installation folder is:
C:\Program Files\Velleman\PCLab2000SE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Velleman\PCLab2000SE

The sync pulse is now 3.2% of the period.

To get short sync pulses for library files, please unselect the Options -> Sync Mode MSB.

Thanks a lot VEL255! That’s really fast support!
I’ll try it :slight_smile: