PCGU1000 - Sweeping a library waveform

  1. In PCSU1000GU.exe (or Pc-Lab 2000 SE) sweeping a library waveform involves a lot of operations:

Click More Funct. button
Click Sweep button
Check Sweep Selected Waveform mark
Adjust Start, Stop and Time
Click Start Sweep button
Click LIB button
Select a .lib file
Adjust Offset and Amplitude
Click Sweep button again.

Is there a simpler procedure?
Otherwise, could this procedure be simplified a bit?
Note: Strictly speaking, the Sweep function is not a waveform. It could be accessed with a specific button in the main window.

  1. Saving sweep settings in *.set would be nice.

  2. Sweeping a library waveform would be useful from FGULINK.dll too. This could be achieved through procedure SetLibWave with something like:

form: Sweep waveform type: 1=sine, 2=square, 3 =library
FileName: Library waveform file name.

Indeed, sweeping library waveform is somewhat complicated…
Thank you for your suggestions to improve the software.
These are good ideas for the future releases.