PCGU1000 - Sweep function


Is there any way to start the sweep function manually. There is a “start sweep” button but it only restarts the sweep. Otherwise the generator continuously repeat the sweep.
I will be happy if the sweep is generated once after pressing the “start sweep” button.
Of course the best case scenario would be if I can select how many times the sweep to be repeated after pressing the button but this would be to too nice :).
I use PcLab2000SE v4.05 Win7 64bit

Thank you

I’m sorry to inform you that the modification you suggested is too large to implement into the software and firmware of the PCGU1000.
Normally only small ‘custom’ modifications can be done.
The sweep function is very hardware related and it operates independently without any interaction with the PC when started. This is why the sweep function is very difficult to modify.

Thank you for the prompt reply VEL255.
I found a way around this. Basically, I set the sweep parameters and stop the generator by using the “sweep” button in “more functions” menu. Of course the generator generates continuously after pressing the “sweep” button but I managed to program the oscilloscope to record only the first sweep generated.