PCGU1000 short circuit protected?

On Sep 03, 2007, VEL255 wrote:

[quote]The PCG10 is short circuit protected.
It can deliver 10Vpp plus DC offset +5V or -5V to 600 ohms load. The peak value in this case is +10V or -10V.
If you do not need the DC offset then the generator can drive peak value 5V to 300 ohms (or even lower load) without remarkable distortion.
Please note: The output impedance of the generator is 50ohm causing some voltage loss with low ohm load.

Please note: This specification concerns the PCG10 only. The PCGU1000 has slightly different specs.[/quote]
What about PCGU1000 ouput short circuit behavior?

The PCGU1000 output is short circuit protected too.

Thank you VEL255 - it was almost obvious for an instrument this quality, but… :wink: