PCGU1000 initialization error GenStatus -2

What could be the reason if initialization of the PCGU1000 fails with GenStatus -2 (power adaptor disconnected) even though the power adaptor IS connected?

You may have to run the application software “As Administrator”.
Alternatively you can download the latest FGULINK.DLL and FGU.EXE from this link: box.net/shared/a5ub2zlbjq

Maybe the COM port number for the PCGU1000 is not in the range COM1 to COM9 and this causes the problem with the old software version.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I downloaded the zip from your link and replaced the files.

Sorry I forgot to mention it before: Application is being run as admin. COM port is 5.

But still the same problem.

Maybe some more information:
We’re using your PCGU1000 in a modified way in an own device, assembled and built by a respectable company. The PCGU1000’s power now comes from a battery which is fully charged by an own power supply. The battery also feeds some other components in the hardware. All the devices are working here for me on my computer(s) and my colleagues too most the time. But on some other computers and in some other occasions our software (and then also your FGULinkDemo) fails to initialize the hardware with status code -2 and it is not really recoverable for a long time, even though USB cable and power cable are connected and the Windows’ Device manager shows PCGU1000 present as COM5. And then all of a sudden it is working again, mostly after switching it off and on several times and removing / reconnecting the USB cable.

I’m no electro engineer but for me it looks like these guys know what they’re doing so I don’t want to blame them in any way here. Everything inside the assembled hardware looks very clear, clean and professional. But I still suspect a problem in the power supply for the PCGU1000 which comes from the battery. And the status code -2 just makes sense from that point of view.

What do you think? Could it be that problem with the power supply feeding the PCGU1000 from the battery?

If you have an old PCGU1000, then you may have to do the hardware modification described in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2514

Hmmmm, interessting. Thanks thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll forward this to our staff-in-charge. 8)