PCGU1000 - FGULink.dll in W10

I used PCGU1000 including FGULink.dll in Delphi on PC with Windows XP.
I have now installed the latest version of PCLab2000SE 4.07 on a PC with Windows 10 64b.
Installation was successful without problems and the program is functional even without installing extra driver.
According to Device Manager, driver is on COM3, Silicon Laboratories version, date 28.3.2016, digitally signed by Velleman NV.
When I run a Delphi(10.2) program after the OPENGEN command, the Function Generator window opens, but version 3.03, where W10 is not listed (for 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista). The command returns -1, the generator is not connected.
The Function Generator window opened from PCLab2000SE has version 4.07 (for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)
Where is problem?

There seems to be some kind of compatibility problem with the original development kit software package when run on Windows 10 and with the latest driver.
You can download updated version of the Delphi demo software package here .
The function generator software FGU.EXE of the package is updated to version 5.
Windows 10 compatibility tested together with driver version

Thank you. Everything seems to work.
If I understand it, there must be FGU.exe and fgu1000.bit in the directory with my program,
eventual the LIB directory with defined waveforms if I want to use them. It is so?
Sometimes status -2 (The power adapter is disconnected) appears. After removing
and plugging the adapter into the socket it works. Can it be an adapter or device problem?
Used original PS0906RP, no load gives 9.6V, but during operation quite warm.

Yes, FGU.exe, fgu1000.bit, FGULINK.dll and FASTTime32.dll must be there.

Yes, this folder must be there too, if library waveforms are used.

I think this may be some kind of communication problem between the PC and PCGU1000. Please just close and restart your application if it occurs again.

Thank you for your answers.