PCGU1000 DLL and Windows 7 64bit

Hello all!

For our new project we purchased a PCGU1000. I used the workaround to download and install the drivers in Windows 7 64bit and the device is now listed as Ports (COM & LPT) -> PCGU1000 Function Generator (COM4). I also downloaded the latest PCLab2000SE.

However the Delphi Demo Project doesn’t work at all. And I have massive problems getting the PCLab2000SE running too. :frowning:

When I didn’t use the device for a while (lets say overnight) and want to start PCLab2000SE (with Admin rights) next day I always get the error message “No Function Generator response. […]” So I have to unplug the PCGU1000 several times (both USB and power supply) and eventually it works after the 3rd or 4th time.

Second problem is the major problem: The included Delphi PCGU1000Link_demo is not working (standalone). Whenever I compile and start it (with Admin rights) I cannot do anything as the bottom label keeps saying “Generator not ready.”

Funny part is: When I start the PCLab2000SE and it is working, the Function Generator window says “LOADING …”, I can hear a little “click” in the PCGU1000 device and the “ON / READY” light is lit. And when I THEN start the PCGU1000Link_demo it finally says “Generator ready” and I can use the functions and see the oscilloscope output. :open_mouth:

So is there some “initialization routine” which is missed in the PCGU1000Link_demo? Where is the difference between the PCLab2000SE initialization and the PCGU1000Link_demo initialization? Because when the demo starts I neither hear a “click” nor is the “ON / READY” light lit.

Thanks for reading and your time. Any help will be appreciated!

[quote]I always get the error message “No Function Generator response. […]”[/quote]There are two possible error messages. Are you getting message #1 or message #2 ?
Message #1:
"[color=#800000]No Function Generator response.
Check the power adapter connection.
Disconnect and reconnect the power adapter and restart PcLab2000SE.

If the User Account Control (UAC) is on, then PcLab2000SE has to be run under administrator account.
Right-click on the PcLab2000SE icon on the desktop or in the programs list,
choose Properties, switch to the Compatibility tab,
select “Run this program as an administrator.[/color]”

Message #2:
“[color=#800000]No Function Generator response.
Please make sure that the USB cable is connected.
If connected: Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
Program will be closed.[/color]”

This message #2 indicates that the virtual COM port can’t be opened.
This may indicate also driver problem.

[quote]The PCGU1000Link can’t start the generator.[/quote] The generator program must be started manually - as you did.

There is a newer DLL available: FGULINK.dll
It has two additional functions: OpenGen and CloseGen. Using these functions you can start and stop the generator program from within your application.

The FGULINK.dll is included to this package on the downloads page:
[color=#008000]Software [/color]
[color=#008000]FGUlink pack. DLL for making your own software using our PCGU1000 generator (Rev4 25/5/2009) Driver v5.4.0.0 must be used for XP, Vista and Windows 7 [/color]

There are Delphi, Visual basic 6 and Visual Basic 2008 Express axamples included to the download package.

Here is the link to the downloads page: velleman.eu/distributor/supp … e=PCGU1000

In the package there are instructions how to use the FGULINK.DLL.
You have the right driver version installed - no need to update the driver.

If you are creating your own application, then the following files must be copied to your application folder:

Thanks for the fast response.

As for the error message, I get #2.

Instead of unplugging / replugging the device I found out going to the Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager and disable / enable the virtual COM port has the same effect and always works after the first try.

Any idea why this keeps happening? Any setting? I’m using the latest drivers from the Velleman download page.

As for the software issue the new solution works. Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

When you go to the Device Manager, do you see this kind of screen with the text: “This device is working properly.”

Regardless of the message “This device is working properly”, you have to disable and then enable the driver to get the PCGU1000 working?
This is very strange.

And the driver settings look like this: