Pcgu 1000

I tried to use the PCGU 1000 under windows 10.

Due to the unsigned driver operation was refused.

Next I tried to unlock windows according your recommendation in this forum.

Below the system unswer:

C:\windows\system32>bcdedit /set testsigning on
Fehler beim Festlegen der Elementdaten.
Der Wert wird durch die Richtlinie für sicheres Starten geschützt und kann nicht geändert oder gelöscht werden.


may you help me???


To install the driver, you have to disable the driver signature enforcement.

Please follow these instructions to disable the driver signature enforcement in Windows 10:
howtogeek.com/167723/how-to- … d-drivers/

On this page you can download the USB driver for the PCGU1000:
velleman.eu/support/download … 1000&type=

On the same page you can download the latest software too.

Here you can download detailed step-by-step instructions how to install the driver:

There in the software package is file “Release Notes.pdf”.
Please see the section: “Workaround to use the PCGU1000 on 64-bit Vista or Windows 7”
This procedure is usable for Windows 10 too.

For more info please see also these threads: