PCGU 1000 - C Dll interface


I am trying to develop my own application using FGULink.dll and had a few questions.

I am developing a C based dll of my own this requires a header file with the prototypes for the functions in your DLL and was wondering if such a header file available for developing C/C++ based apps.

The DLL links to the program FGU.exe and I would like this to be hidden from the user so my own program can control the signal generator. Is there any command line options for FGU.exe that allow me to hide the GUI?


Daniel Poulter

Sorry, at the moment there is no header file available for the FGULink.DLL.
I think the contents of the file should look like:

[code]#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

#define FUNCTION __declspec(dllimport)

FUNCTION __stdcall SetGen(long func, float freq, float ampl, float offset);
FUNCTION __stdcall SetSweep(float freq1, float freq2, float ampl, float offset, float time, long form);
FUNCTION __stdcall SetLibWave(float freq, float ampl, float offset, long filter, unsigned char *Pointer);
FUNCTION __stdcall StartGen();
FUNCTION __stdcall StopGen();
FUNCTION bool __stdcall GenReady();

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif[/code](This code is not tested.)

At the moment there is no command line option to hide the GUI but here is one workaround:
After running the FGU.EXE a setup file FGen1000.ini is created.
In this file change the line:
to e.g.:
Put the modified FGen1000.ini file to the user’s application folder and the GUI will be “hidden”. Actually it is beyond the visible screen area.